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Yarn Travel is:

A new approach on an old concept:  the quilting bee, the sewing circle, and even the newer 'stitch and bitch' combine sharing a love for the fiber arts with the sharing of self.  As the colorful fibers intertwined to create beauty and strength, the fibers of lives intertwined to create friendship and family bonds that grow stronger and more beautiful with each passing year.

Our goal is to create an environment for life fibers to combine with artistic fibers.  By sharing travel and experiences, learnings and teachings, events and the delights of small shops, farms, towns, and businesses we will gather and connect new friends, adding color and depth to the tapestry of our lives.

Enjoy your review of our travel adventures, learning experiences, discussions, and products.  We look forward to your feedback and look forward to sharing products, services, and trips with you! Pack your bag and pack your traveling project! 


about us

YarnTravel was founded by Jonna Hudson and Helen McLaughlin. Amidst full careers in corporate America and the healthcare industry, both turned to fiber arts as a way to enrich their lives.

Jonna is currently living in Michigan and recently retired from General Motors. After nearly 26 years of corporate life, Jonna decided to take a few non-career related classes and found great enjoyment in both the process of creating as well as the people who create. It is Jonna’s desire to work full-time in life-enriching activities such as travel and creative work.   Jonna is a certified Travel Agent, and is currently enrolled in the Master Knitter Certification program while also training in Natural Dyeing.


Helen is a Registered Nurse specializing in Surgical Services Nursing, Education, and Leadership.  She currently resides in Naples, Florida but considers herself “from” Michigan though she grew up in several different states.  She adapts quickly and enjoys new environments making new friends easily while keeping the old near and dear.

Helen has a wide variety of interests and prefers activity vs inactivity and water vs land.  She is inherently happy smiling constantly and laughing often. Current interests include orchids and tropical fruit trees, Blue Zone philosophy and training, and (always) the fiber arts.  Helen has sewn, embroidered, and crocheted since childhood and learned to knit as an adult during a long recovery from surgery. Knitting came quickly for Helen and she always has at least 4 projects in progress!

Spinning and fiber design is relatively new for Helen but it is her true medium allowing creativity, activity, and endless creations of beauty and worth.  Helen is currently focused on fiber design, pattern writing, and the incorporation of Blue Zones philosophy and practice into her own life and the community around her.